Monday, January 30, 2012

25 weeks :)

25 weeks
25 weeks, feeling like a million bucks today. I couldn't ask for a better past 25 weeks than I've had. Morning sickness was nearly non existent. My energy level picked right back up at 10 weeks along. Sleep has been AWESOME (have I mentioned I sleep BETTER now that I'm pregnant than I did before?). And I have yet to have any terrible pregnancy side effects... oh wait, pregnancy brain/mom brain is in FULL effect these days. I am really really looking forward to holding my sweet girl and Baby boy!
25 week front

25 week front

OhBOY!!! I'm going to be a mom of a little BOY! This is crazy....and amazing!! I'll be the first to admit that I am not quite sure what I'll do with a boy... I mean I doubt he will want boy and ribbons in his hair, I don't think he will love shopping with me as much as MyMy... I know this will be a whole new world for me! I am beyond excited to have a little mud and dirt around here more often. If anyone has a any "tips for having a little boy" please leave them here, lord knows I need all the advice I can get :).

Another little girl, WOO HOO!!! Not only did Weston and I want a little girl (just as much as we wanted a little boy)- but Mylee is enthralled by the fast that she will have a real life baby doll living here. I am looking forward to seeing her interact with her sister, this is going to be awesome.

I am so excited to watch Weston fall in love all over again..and all over again. I know what it feels like to fall in love with a single person at an instance. First falling in love with Weston, then Mylee. Each time was special, each time I didnt think my heart could grow any larger. It's a feeling like I cannot possibly describe perfectly-except I'd literally give my life for Weston and Mylee. The love was so so overwhelming when Mylee was born. I said it over and over again...and I still catch myself repeating this to Weston.. " I really do not think I could love Mylee any more..literally she has my entire heart. I do not feel like I could love anything or anyone more in this world". Weston constantly tells me " I know what you mean". The next time I fall in love will be within the next few months. this time, with TWO perfect and precious babies. How in the world will my heart feel then??? TWO, TWO, TWO more loves of my life. I cannot even fathom all the love. This is going to be AMAZING!!!!

We were not able to get any new pictures of the babies at our last appt, they were both being shy. We did learn that Baby A (girl) flipped!! Boo!!! She has been head down  and then BAM she flipped! I was super bummed (IDK why, they have so much time left to take their final place:) ) until we saw that Baby B (Boy) has now taken the position of Baby A. Confused much? Basically whichever baby is lowest, or which ever baby is delivered first is really who Baby A is. My OBGYN suggested that we now go with Left baby and right baby :). This should clear up some of the confusion. SOOO now right baby is breach (but I think she flipped again- we found her heart low, like it used to always be), and left baby is head down. If for some reason they stay in this position, he would be delivered first. Phew, got it? Please send prayer that everything works out for the best... or that at least one stays head down!!

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