Tuesday, February 14, 2012

27 weeks

27 weeks!!!

I am in a pretty craptastic mood today. I won't go into why...as much as I'd LOVE to put certain people on blast...I'll save all that energy for labor :).

I'm feeling pregnant..ok really pregnant these days. Bending over isn't such an easy task these days. Luckily I have a super adorable little girl who LOVES to help with stuff around the house. Sleeping is great for now, but I am guessing that in the near future this won't be the case. I think my tummy sleeping nights are over, booooo!!

Baby Boy with his mouth open <3
Baby Girl <3
Front view
During my first trimester (aka 12 weeks of what should be full of vomit) I didn't vomit at all. Yes, I consider myself lucky, yes I am thankful, and yes now I am paying for it. Yesterday morning I was sitting with my husband, and my two (twin!) cousins, oh and Mylee. I kept telling them that the babies were pushing on my stomach so hard that I could taste stomach acid. every move they made I held my breath in fear of gagging. I tried to hard not to gag until BAM! I ran to the bathroom and vomited multiple times. These two little babies made me vomit! I knew this twin stuff would be a lot different, but never imagined vomiting in my "3rd trimester"! I hope I wont have anymore vomit posts!!

Today I have an ultrasound appt with the specialist...well I am supposed to. Its getting increasingly hard to have so many appointments and also have a toddler who needs to be cared for..ya ya I know, get used to it-right? At least when the babies are actually born, I can be a hermit and stay inside with the 3 of the kids...but for now-I HAVE to go to these appts-UGH! Anyone know of a reliable babysitter who is free during the weekdays?

Can you tell that today is an "I need wine day"?!?! Since that is clearly out of the picture- Ill stick with the red velvet cuppy cakes my mama bear brought me this morning :). Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!

Update- Just got home from my ultrasound..babies both look great! I am considered "full term for a singleton pregnancy" right now. Yup, thats right- nearly 5 pounds of baby in that belly+2 placentas+two sacs of amniotic fluid...uh huh..lots o' baby in there!! No wonder I feel MASSIVE!

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